How is laser vaginal rejuvenation performed?

Fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) or Erbium Fat (Er: FAT) lasers are generally used in laser vaginal rejuvenation.
Laser vaginal rejuvenation lasts for about 20 minutes; it is a painless and comfortable procedure. Thanks to Femilift CO2 robotic arm we use in our Istanbul clinic, procedure period is reduced to 3 minutes. No anesthesia is required. Patients can return to their social life immediately after the procedure. But, there is a prohibition for 7 days of sex.
For vaginal tightening and urinary incontinence treatments, usually 2 or 3 applications are recommended in with 1-2 month(s) interval. Laser vaginal rejuvenation has been a frequently preferred method in recent years. It is very satisfactory in the appropriate patient groups. It is a very important advantage to treat the patient without surgery.
Vaginal tightening can now be obtained by vaginal radiofrequency devices without any operation, apart from laser applications.
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